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Emergency Lighting System

Emergency Lighting System

  • Emergency and Exit Lighting System,
    Addressable Monitoring Type and Self Contained.
  • Central Battery System

Central Battery System

Central battery system based emergency lighting is ideal for medium to large installations. For projects where central control and testing is desirable, a central battery system is a viable and cost effective alternative to self-contained emergency lighting products.

The main advantages of central battery systems over self-contained systems are:

  • Testing and maintenance is much easier to carry out
  • Battery replacement is much quicker and less disruptive
  • Battery life is generally 10 years or more
  • Luminaires can be centrally controlled
  • High light levels can easily be achieved
  • The emergency lighting system can be completely unobtrusive

Self Contained Emergency Lighting

Self-contained emergency luminaires mean a lumonaire providing maintained or non-maintained emergency lighting in which all the elements such as battery, the lamp, the control unit and the test and monitoring facilities where provided are contained within the luminaire or adjacent to it.